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5 Home Inspection Tips To Help You Save Time & Money

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One of the most important things to do before buying real estate is to complete a thorough home inspection. This is a time that can be used to determine if the property is a good investment or not. But how do you properly inspect a home if you're new to the business? In addition to matching with a real estate agent and home inspector, our team at Brick & Barn Real Estate Group want to give you a few tips to help you inspect your next home. The following should be closely considered when buying any property: 

  • Be Inquisitive
  • Be Present
  • Take Photos
  • Don't Neglect The Roof
  • Develop Trust With The Inspector

5 Home Inspection Tips To Help You Save Time & Money

Be Inquisitive

Never be afraid to ask questions. After all, this is your money on the line. What may seem like a strange question in your mind could trigger something in the mind of a home inspector that could end up saving you thousands down the road. 

Be Present

You would be shocked at the number of people who don't attend a home inspection for a property they intend to buy. Instead, they rely solely on the opinion of the home inspector. While his or her opinion may be valid, it is crucial that you see what needs to be done in person before making any final decisions. This way, you're not blindsided by any unexpected tasks which need to be accomplished that would have caused you not to buy the property had you previously known about them.

Take Photos

Your memory may be great, but no one could possibly remember every little detail that is seen during a home inspection. That is why it is so important to take a number of photographs. Many little things in the home can add up to be a serious total bill at the end of the day. Having documented evidence of the deficiencies in a home can allow you to better organize your thoughts and decide whether or not this is a good investment. Plus, if you decide to go through with the sale, you'll have pictures you can use as a checklist when making repairs over time. 

Don't Neglect The Roof

Buyers are often so focused on the inside of the house that they often neglect to look at the outside of the house, more specifically, the roof. Those cold and snowy winters, as well as the rainy summers in New England, can quickly take a toll on the roof of any property regardless of how well it was built. Replacing a roof is one of the more costly repairs that a real estate investor or homeowner must make which makes it imperative to know about prior to the initial investment. If it's discovered well after the sale, you may be left holding the very expensive bill to cover the repairs. 

Develop Trust With The Inspector

In order to take the word of a home inspector, it is essential to build a trusting relationship with him or her. This relationship usually begins by being introduced to the inspector through a real estate agent. Real estate agents have been in the business for a very long time and know the home inspectors who know their stuff and the ones who are just looking to get paid. A good inspector can ultimately make or break your overall investment on a property. If just one thing goes unnoticed during an inspection, it can end up costing you tens of thousands of extra dollars unexpectedly in the future. 

Buying real estate can be one of the best investments out there. In fact, it was the famous author Mark Twain who once said, "Buy land, they're not making it anymore". By knowing what to look for and common pitfalls that first time real estate investors often fall into, you can already be ahead of the curve. If you would like to know more about becoming a real estate investor in the New England area then be sure to visit the Brick & Barn Real Estate Group website. They will be able to provide you with a plethora of knowledge on the topic and be able to help get you started on the path to sustainable wealth.



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Upcoming Events in Portsmouth and the Seacoast Region

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As winter very slowly makes its way out of New England, the number of fun things to do in Portsmouth and throughout the Seacoast area increases. At least it sure feels that way. Which of these cool activities taking place in our historic city and throughout the region will you be taking advantage of in March and April? 

Seacoast Repertory Theatre

Spring may be on its way, but you most likely would prefer to continue to enjoy indoorBrick & Barn Real Estate Group | In The Heights events for a little bit longer, so why not check out a production at our own professional theatre? "In the Heights" is the next mainstage production here, and you have 24 opportunities to enjoy it from March 23-April 22. While there, you'll be entertained by a story about the Washington Heights neighborhood in Manhattan set to a "Tony-Award winning blend of hip-hop, traditional Broadway and Latin music." Tickets cost from $20 to $38. 

The Music Hall

Another indoor option is The Music Hall, which is a cool venue simply because of its history: it's the oldest Victorian theater in New Hampshire. Even Mark Twain is amongst the artists to have graced this stage, which dates to 1878. One of the most anticipated upcoming productions here is the comic opera "Così Fan Tutte," which will be performed on March 31. However, that's not the only show to take place at the venue as a wide variety of ones are scheduled here over the coming weeks. 

Out of Hibernation 5K

By the middle of April, you will most likely be quite stir crazy from the long winter that we just had, so what better way to burn off that excess energy than by taking part in the Out of Hibernation 5K? This annual race is scheduled for 9 a.m. on April 14 and is centered around the Portsmouth Masonic Temple. Registration costs $20. 

Out of Hybernation 5K

New Hampshire Wildcats

Perhaps you prefer to enjoy your sports events as a spectator, not a participant. If so, you're in luck too. Although the college basketball and hockey seasons are wrapping up, the spring sports are just starting up for the New Hampshire Wildcats. Some of the competitions taking place in Durham include women's lacrosse matches on March 13 and April 4, 7 and 21 and track and field meets on April 7 and 14. 

Great Trivia Knock-Out

How about exercising your mind? The 3rd Annual Great Trivia Knock-Out is scheduled for 6 p.m. on March 9 and will be held at Redhook Brewery. The $100 entry fee includes open beer and wine bar and food from Nibblesworth while proceeds will support the Prescott Park Arts Festival. Auctions and raffles will also take place at this event. 

Winter Farmers' Markets

Farmers' Markets are not only for the warmer times of the year as ones have been taking place throughout the winter too. The final two are scheduled for March 24 at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford and on April 7 at Exeter High School. Hours will be from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Come Live On The Seacoast

With all of the fun activities happening come see what it could be like to live here! A professional from Brick & Barn Real Estate Group will be your partner in the process.  We provide a unique approach to helping you navigate the real estate buying experience. Find a property online or give us a call at 603-389-2228. 

Brick & Barn Real Estate Group


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What To Look For In A Real Estate Agent

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Renowned worldwide for its lush forests, pristine lakes, and mountains and valleys that could come out of a storybook, New Hampshire and Vermont are as picturesque as they are exciting. Home to world-class skiing, the region's most challenging golf, and backcountry adventure like Mount Washington, they provide outdoor people with as much activity as they can handle all year long.What To Look For In A Realtor - Brick & Barn Real Estate Group There are also quaint towns and clean cities filled with friendly people and dining and entertainment that keeps you coming back.

New Hampshire and Vermont also offer beautiful residential properties, with homes in-tune with the gorgeous landscape. There are homes that offer a traditional New England country feel and in-town homes that offer urban sophistication, without the big city pollution, traffic, crime, and expense. 

Brick & Barn Real Estate Group currently lists New England homes ranging from country estates to forest cabins to townhouses and condos. There is a vast selection of sizes and surroundings, but all are a bargain compared to similar properties down south.

How can a real estate agent help?

Real estate agents at Brick and Barn Real Estate Group breathe real estate in New England. They know every town, neighborhood, and hot property in their areas. They also know what is going on in the towns and where development is headed in the future.

Real estate is a local business, and having local experts on your side makes all the difference. Agents know what areas suit their client's needs. They also know the areas to avoid. They are aware of problem properties, and they know where the hidden gems lie. Your real estate agent guides you to the home that will make you happy.

When you contact one of the agents at Brick and Barn, they find out what type of property will work for you and use their turbocharged search power to find you all the options. Real estate agents can access property options that are not available through a search on Zillow. They also often know when properties are close to coming on the market, or when a seller is about to reduce the price. These pieces of information make all the difference when it comes to getting the best deal on a dream New England home.

A realtor negotiates on your behalf. They handle real estate deals every day. Their negotiating power allows you to buy a home at a great price, with minimal stress. Few people have the time to negotiate a real estate deal, and they shouldn't try. Not having a realtor in a negotiation is like not having a lawyer in court. Just as an attorney earns his fee by getting you a far better legal result than you could obtain on your own, a real estate agent earns their commission by getting you the best possible property for the best possible terms and price.

When you work with a realtor, you have an expert looking out for your best interests. Buying a home is thrilling, but someone needs to safeguard your financial and legal interests. Your agent handles all of the important details, like titles, inspections, and earnest money. Agents also can provide you with other needed professionals, like home appraisers and inspectors and real estate attorneys.

The other great thing about working with a real estate agent is that you know who to call down the line if you want to move. Your agent can work to get you the best price for your home. Now that you are on the seller's side, it's time to think about getting that house looking sharp for a spring open house, so you can get top dollar for your investment.

Why Brick & Barn Real Estate Group? 

Whether you are buying or selling a home, a professional from Brick & Barn Real Estate Group will be your partner in the process.  We provide a concierge approach to helping you navigate through the experience; end-to-end.. With a highly personal and consultative team of real estate professionals, buyers and sellers are involved and informed at every step in the strategy to ensure the most optimal outcome.

Leveraging the latest in digital marketing strategies, 3D photography, and our team of over 20 real estate professionals, we make what can sometimes be a stressful experience a smooth and enjoyable one.  

We are experts in our communities, passionate about New England, and are excited to help sell or find your New England dream home.