Ride for Lance

Along with our friends at SmartFit640 http://smartfit640.com/, we have founded the Dumbbells: Riding For a Reason.  It's a Scooter Group that gathers together to ride for an important cause in our community and beyond.  We'll be doing about 2-3 rides in the summer - the first one from Rye, NH to York, ME and back.  The purpose is to raise money and bring awareness to an individual, organization, or movement that both organizations and the community can get behind to help in some way.

The first ride will be on Saturday, June 22nd and will benefit Lance Fenderson.  Lance is 17 and was a long time resident of Rye before moving to NC.  A month ago, Lance suffered a devastating injury from a lacrosse hit during a High School game and is now paralyzed from the chest down.  He is fighting hard but has an overwhelming road ahead of him.  I have never met Lance but have been profoundly moved by his story and want to jump in to help in any way.  

See Lance's story here:

Caring Bridge - Lance's Story

News Story on Lance

If you are riding or not, here is our donation page for your consideration to help Lance and his family.  Donation to Lance